Qarqish is a website created to allow local merchants in Qatar to display and sell their products with ease. The website aims to create an easily accessible environment for customers to find and buy what they need with ease.
Home-owned/personal businesses are blooming in Qatar. However, before Qarqish, there was no platform that gathers all home-owned/personal business in one place. Qarqish is the first Qatari website that you can use to easily find any product sold locally in Qatar. Qarqish also protects but merchants and buyers by placing regulatory rules for the activity of both parties. Thus, making your online shopping experience safer and more pleasant.
Just press on Qarqish logo on the top left corner of the page and it will take you to the homepage.
Simply, browse through the website, if you find anything you like add to the cart, create an account and choose your delivery area and enjoy your order! We recommend creating an account before browsing to give you a more personalized experience.
As a buyer, the costs you see on the checkout page are the only costs you will pay. These are, product price + delivery price, which differs based on the store you are ordering from.